1. tin foil foil made of tin or an alloy of tin and lead
  2. tinfoil foil made of tin or an alloy of tin and lead
  3. tuneful having a musical sound; especially a pleasing tune
  4. tunefully in a melodious manner
  5. trefoil a plant of the genus Trifolium
  6. downfall a sudden decline in strength or number or importance
  7. tung oil a yellow oil obtained from the seeds of the tung tree
  8. tuna oil an oil obtained from tuna
  9. tenfold by ten times as much
  10. ten-fold containing ten or ten parts
  11. Twin Falls a waterfall in the Snake River in southern Idaho
  12. sinful morally objectionable or wicked
  13. tinsel glittering metal foil used as decoration
  14. in full referring to a quantity
  15. binful the quantity contained in a bin
  16. Tineola webbing clothes moths
  17. Tindal English translator and Protestant martyr
  18. twinflower creeping evergreen subshrub of the northern parts of Europe and Asia with delicate fragrant tubular bell-shaped usually pink flowers borne in pairs
  19. run afoul go against, as of rules and laws
  20. main file (computer science) a computer file that is used as the authority in a given job and that is relatively permanent