1. time clock clock used to record the hours that people work
  2. atomic clock a timepiece that derives its time scale from the vibration of atoms or molecules
  3. time lag time during which some action is awaited
  4. cytomegalic of or relating to or characterized by greatly enlarged cells
  5. turret clock a clock with more than one dial to show the time in all directions from a tower
  6. system clock an electronic device in a computer that issues a steady high-frequency signal that synchronizes all the internal components
  7. water clock clock that measures time by the escape of water
  8. time loan a loan that is payable on or before a specified date
  9. time slot a time assigned on a schedule or agenda
  10. gamecock a cock bred and trained for fighting
  11. timework work paid for at a rate per unit of time
  12. demiglace sauce Espagnole with extra beef stock simmered down and seasoned with dry wine or sherry
  13. Damocles the Greek courtier to Dionysius the Elder who (according to legend) was condemned to sit under a naked sword that was suspended by a hair in order to demonstrate to him that being a king was not the happy state Damocles had said it was (4th century BC)
  14. tower block tower consisting of a multistoried building of offices or apartments
  15. ammonia clock an atomic clock based on vibrational frequency of the nitrogen atom in the ammonia molecule
  16. caesium clock an atomic clock based on the energy difference between two states of the caesium nucleus in a magnetic field
  17. come close be close or similar
  18. hammerlock a wrestling hold in which the opponent's arm is twisted up behind his back
  19. wall clock a clock mounted on a wall
  20. dreadlock one of many long thin braids of hair radiating from the scalp; popularized by Rastafarians

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