1. thesis an unproved statement advanced as a premise in an argument
  2. disease an impairment of health
  3. Theseus (Greek mythology) a hero and king of Athens who was noted for his many great deeds: killed Procrustes and the Minotaur and defeated the Amazons and united Attica
  4. disuse the state of something that has been neglected
  5. diocese a district that is under the jurisdiction of a bishop
  6. ethics motivation based on ideas of right and wrong
  7. decease the event of dying or departure from life
  8. hypothesis a tentative insight that is not yet verified or tested
  9. diesis a character used in printing to indicate a cross reference or footnote
  10. diseased showing signs of sickness or illness
  11. dosshouse a cheap lodging house
  12. thesaurus a book containing a classified list of synonyms
  13. despise look down on with disdain or disgust
  14. deuce-ace the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one
  15. disguise any attire that conceals the wearer's identity
  16. deceased someone who is no longer alive
  17. disused no longer in use
  18. Thespesia a small genus of tropical trees including the portia tree
  19. Thespis Greek poet who is said to have originated Greek tragedy
  20. decisive characterized by resoluteness and firmness