1. think out consider carefully and rationally
  2. think about have on one's mind, think about actively
  3. thin out make sparse
  4. tinct color lightly
  5. stink out cause to smell bad; fill with a bad smell
  6. think of devise or invent
  7. think up devise or invent
  8. trinket a small cheap ornament, knickknack, or piece of jewelry
  9. think judge or regard; look upon; judge
  10. Tingidae lace bugs
  11. thank you a conversational expression of gratitude
  12. thicket a dense growth of bushes
  13. cutting out surgical removal of a body part or tissue
  14. hang out spend time in a certain location or with certain people
  15. wring out extract (liquid) by squeezing or pressing
  16. tunicate primitive marine animal having a saclike unsegmented body and a urochord that is conspicuous in the larva
  17. hangout a frequently visited place
  18. swing out make a big sweeping gesture or movement
  19. thinker someone who exercises the mind
  20. conk out stop operating or functioning