1. entangled twisted together in a tangled mass
  2. hunting guide guide to people hunting in unfamiliar territory
  3. pentanoic acid a clear liquid carboxylic acid used in perfumes and drugs
  4. tentacled having tentacles
  5. untangled not tangled
  6. disentangled straightened out
  7. Antonio Gaudi Spanish architect who was a leading exponent of art nouveau in Europe (1852-1926)
  8. tenting the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp
  9. descending node the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going south
  10. pointing out indication by demonstration
  11. Tentaculata ctenophores have retractile tentacles
  12. tending (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward
  13. tinting the act of adding a tinge of color
  14. standing order a rule of order permanently in force
  15. landing gear an undercarriage that supports the weight of the plane when it is on the ground
  16. quandong nut edible nutlike seed of the quandong fruit
  17. printing unit a unit of measurement for printing
  18. descending aorta the descending part of the aorta that branches into the thoracic and abdominal aortae
  19. landing net a bag-shaped fishnet on a long handle to take a captured fish from the water
  20. detonating fuse a fuse containing an explosive

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