1. tax liability the amount of tax owed
  2. taxability liability to taxation
  3. salability the quality of being salable or marketable
  4. digestibility the property of being easy to digest
  5. dissolubility the property of being dissoluble
  6. assailability vulnerability to forceful attack
  7. excitability excessive sensitivity of an organ or body part
  8. gullibility tendency to believe too readily and to be easily deceived
  9. scalability the quality of being scalable
  10. magical ability an ability to perform magic
  11. toggle bolt a fastener consisting of a threaded bolt and a hinged spring-loaded toggle; used to fasten objects to hollow walls
  12. squeezability the property of being able to occupy less space
  13. desirability the quality of being worthy of desiring
  14. divisibility the quality of being divisible
  15. insolubility the quality of being insoluble and difficult to dissolve in liquid
  16. disability when one cannot perform due to physical or mental unfitness
  17. solubility the quality of being easily dissolved in liquid
  18. unreliability the trait of not being dependable or reliable
  19. unsolvability the property that makes it impossible to solve
  20. availability the quality of being at hand when needed

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