1. tympanic cavity the main cavity of the ear
  2. Timbuktu a city in central Mali near the Niger river
  3. tamponade blockage or closure by a tampon
  4. tamponage blockage or closure by a tampon
  5. tampering the act of altering something secretly or improperly
  6. tumbling the gymnastic moves of an acrobat
  7. tympanic resembling a drum
  8. Tympanuchus prairie chickens
  9. rambunctious noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
  10. timbale case small pastry shell for creamy mixtures of minced foods
  11. Rappahannock a river that flows across eastern Virginia into the Tidewater region
  12. tempting highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire
  13. tempering moderating by making more temperate
  14. time being the present occasion
  15. dampening the act of making something slightly wet
  16. damping off a plant disease caused by a fungus
  17. temptingly in a tempting seductive manner
  18. temperate not extreme
  19. Dehong Dai a branch of the Tai languages
  20. gambling den a public building in which a variety of games of chance can be played (operated as a business)