1. taken for granted evident without proof or argument
  2. take for granted take to be the case or to be true
  3. unfrequented devoid of creatures
  4. disenchanted disappointed or let down
  5. transmigrante a Latin American who buys used goods in the United States and takes them to Latin America to sell
  6. convergent tending to come together from different directions
  7. fragrant pleasant-smelling
  8. fragmented having been divided; having the unity destroyed
  9. refrigerant any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)
  10. Dichondra micrantha a creeping perennial herb with hairy stems and orbicular to reniform leaves and small white to greenish flowers; used as a grass substitute in warm regions
  11. unfermented not soured or preserved
  12. convergence the act of coming closer
  13. foreground the part of a scene that is near the viewer
  14. countercurrent a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current
  15. unwarranted incapable of being justified or explained
  16. confront oppose, as in hostility or a competition
  17. Tectona grandis tall East Indian timber tree now planted in western Africa and tropical America for its hard durable wood
  18. concert grand a grand piano suitable for concert performances
  19. trente-et-quarante a card game in which two rows of cards are dealt and players can bet on the color of the cards or on which row will have a count nearer some number
  20. take into account allow or plan for a certain possibility