1. take kindly to be willing or inclined to accept
  2. enkindled set afire
  3. take control assume control
  4. take account be fully aware of; realize fully
  5. gauntlet a glove of armored leather that protects the hand
  6. kindled set afire
  7. true sandalwood parasitic tree of Indonesia and Malaysia having fragrant close-grained yellowish heartwood with insect repelling properties and used, e.g., for making chests
  8. unkindled not set afire
  9. disgruntled in a state of sulky dissatisfaction
  10. gentility elegance by virtue of fineness of manner and expression
  11. diligently in a hard-working manner
  12. cochon de lait whole young pig suitable for roasting
  13. cantillate recite with musical intonation; recite as a chant or a psalm
  14. designedly with intention; in an intentional manner
  15. gantlet a glove of armored leather; protects the hand
  16. candlewood any of several resinous trees or shrubs often burned for light
  17. rekindle arouse again
  18. take in water take in water at the bilge
  19. kindle catch fire
  20. enkindle cause to start burning