1. take flight run away quickly
  2. top-flight excellent; best possible
  3. twig blight a disease of the ends of twigs of woody plants
  4. stage fright fear that affects a person about to face an audience
  5. take effect go into effect or become effective or operative
  6. dogfight a fiercely disputed contest
  7. maiden flight the first flight of its kind
  8. direct flight a flight with one or more intermediate stops but no change of aircraft
  9. twilight the time of day immediately following sunset
  10. take the field go on the playing field, of a football team
  11. taillight lamp (usually red) mounted at the rear of a motor vehicle
  12. terrain flight flight at very low altitudes
  13. oak blight a black plant louse that lives on oaks and dogwoods
  14. take hold have or hold in one's hands or grip
  15. dog violet Old World leafy-stemmed blue-flowered violet
  16. delight a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction
  17. theater light any of various lights used in a theater
  18. ray of light a column of light (as from a beacon)
  19. flight an instance of traveling by air
  20. torchlight light from a torch or torches