1. perspective a way of regarding situations or topics
  2. respect regard highly; think much of
  3. depicting a representation by picture or portraiture
  4. exacting severe and unremitting in making demands
  5. expectant marked by eager anticipation
  6. executing putting a condemned person to death
  7. expending the act of spending money for goods or services
  8. exporting the commercial activity of selling and shipping goods to a foreign country
  9. expectancy an expectation
  10. taxpaying not exempt from paying taxes
  11. expedient appropriate to a purpose
  12. expedite process fast and efficiently
  13. unsuspecting not aware of or expecting something
  14. accepting tolerating without protest
  15. expelling any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body
  16. detecting a police investigation to determine the perpetrator
  17. unexacting not rigorous
  18. expect regard something as probable or likely
  19. deprecating tending to diminish or disparage
  20. life expectancy an expected time to live as calculated on the basis of statistical probabilities