1. sweet cider unfermented cider
  2. sweet elder common elder of central and eastern North America bearing purple-black berries; fruit used in wines and jellies
  3. West-sider a resident of the west side of Manhattan in New York City
  4. seed oyster a young oyster especially of a size for transplantation
  5. southwester a strong wind from the southwest
  6. southeaster a strong wind from the southeast
  7. strider a person who walks rapidly with long steps
  8. sweetsop tree tropical American tree bearing sweet pulpy fruit with thick scaly rind and shiny black seeds
  9. East-sider a resident of the east side of Manhattan in New York City
  10. sweetbrier Eurasian rose with prickly stems and fragrant leaves and bright pink flowers followed by scarlet hips
  11. outsider someone who is excluded from or is not a member of a group
  12. stridor a whistling sound when breathing
  13. sightreader a performer who reads without preparation or prior acquaintance (as in music)
  14. sweatsuit garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt
  15. side order a dish that is served with, but is subordinate to, a main course
  16. taciturn habitually reserved and uncommunicative
  17. sweet cicely European herb with soft ferny leaves and white flowers
  18. etcetera additional unspecified odds and ends; more of the same
  19. stereotype a conventional or formulaic conception or image
  20. sweetener something added to foods to make them taste sweeter