1. systematically in a consistent manner
  2. unsystematically in an unsystematic manner
  3. melodramatically as in a melodrama
  4. undramatically in an undramatic manner
  5. dramatically with respect to dramatic value
  6. schematically in a schematic manner
  7. chromatically with respect to color
  8. Saxo Grammaticus Danish historian who chronicled the history of Denmark
  9. grammatically in a grammatical manner
  10. diagrammatically in a diagrammatic manner
  11. ecstatically in an ecstatic manner
  12. symptomatically by symptoms
  13. logogrammatically by means of logograms
  14. spasmodically in spurts and fits
  15. cosmetically for cosmetic purposes to improve appearance
  16. kinesthetically in a kinesthetic manner; by means of kinesthesia
  17. systematic characterized by order and planning
  18. kinaesthetically in a kinesthetic manner; by means of kinesthesia
  19. axiomatically on the basis of axioms
  20. schismatically in a manner that is schismatic