1. personification attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas
  2. substantia nigra a layer of deeply pigmented grey matter in the midbrain
  3. substantialness the quality of being substantial or having substance
  4. substantia grisea greyish nervous tissue containing cell bodies as well as fibers; forms the cerebral cortex consisting of unmyelinated neurons
  5. substantial real; having a material or factual existence
  6. potential difference the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts
  7. substantiating serving to support or corroborate
  8. insignificance the quality of having little or no significance
  9. significance the quality of being important
  10. circumstantial evidence evidence providing only a basis for inference about the fact in dispute
  11. substantiation the act of validating
  12. substantiative serving to support or corroborate
  13. substantiality the quality of being substantial or having substance
  14. substantially to a great extent or degree
  15. substantive having a firm basis in reality and therefore important
  16. significant rich in implication
  17. substantia alba whitish nervous tissue of the CNS consisting of neurons and their myelin sheaths
  18. insignificant conveying nothing
  19. substitution class the class of all items that can be substituted into the same position (or slot) in a grammatical sentence (are in paradigmatic relation with one another)
  20. sentential function formal expression containing variables