1. study hall a period of time during the school day that is set aside for study
  2. staddle a base or platform on which hay or corn is stacked
  3. stately impressive in appearance
  4. steadily at a continuous rate or pace
  5. stoutly in a resolute manner
  6. staidly in a grave and sober manner
  7. studiously in a studious manner
  8. study applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject
  9. Stendhal French writer whose novels were the first to feature psychological analysis of the character (1783-1842)
  10. stonewall engage in delaying tactics or refuse to cooperate
  11. stall a small area set off for special use
  12. stone wall a fence built of rough stones; used to separate fields
  13. city hall a building that houses administrative offices of a municipal government
  14. sidewall a wall that forms the side of a structure
  15. studious characterized by diligent study and fondness for reading
  16. steal take without the owner's consent
  17. stupidly in a stupid manner
  18. strudel thin sheet of filled dough rolled and baked
  19. sturdily in a sturdy manner
  20. stomatal relating to or constituting plant stomata