1. stranger an individual that one is not acquainted with
  2. stringer a worker who strings
  3. strongroom a burglarproof and fireproof room in which valuables are kept
  4. strong-arm use physical force against
  5. stringent demanding strict attention to rules and procedures
  6. strong having strength or power greater than average or expected
  7. strange quark a quark with an electric charge of -1/3 and a mass 988 times that of an electron and a strangeness of -1
  8. strong breeze wind moving 25-31 knots; 6 on the Beaufort scale
  9. strength the property of being physically or mentally powerful
  10. strong force (physics) the interaction that binds protons and neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms; mediated by gluons
  11. strong gale wind moving 47-54 knots; 9 on the Beaufort scale
  12. steering gear a gear that couples the steering wheel to the steering linkage of a motor vehicle
  13. strongman a powerful political figure who rules by the exercise of force or violence
  14. strange unusual or out of the ordinary
  15. strangler fig a strangler tree native to southern Florida and West Indies
  16. strong-armer an aggressive and violent young criminal
  17. stronghold a strongly fortified defensive structure
  18. strain gage a gauge for measuring strain in a surface
  19. stringency conscientious attention to rules and details
  20. strangeness the quality of being alien or not native