1. street lamp a lamp supported on a lamppost; for illuminating a street
  2. spirit lamp a lamp that burns a volatile liquid fuel such as alcohol
  3. street name the name of a street
  4. storm lamp an oil lamp with a glass chimney and perforated metal lid to protect the flame from high winds; candlestick with a glass chimney
  5. student lamp a reading lamp with a flexible neck; used on a desk
  6. street-walk walk the streets in search of customers
  7. star tulip small plant with slender bent stems bearing branched clusters of a few white star-shaped flowers with petals shaped like cat's ears; southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon to Montana
  8. streetwalk walk the streets in search of customers
  9. safety lamp an oil lamp that will not ignite flammable gases (methane)
  10. street arab a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets
  11. streetlight a lamp supported on a lamppost; for illuminating a street
  12. slit lamp (ophthalmology) a lamp that emits a narrow but intense beam of light that enables an ophthalmologist, using a microscope, to view the retina and optic nerve
  13. strait-laced exaggeratedly proper
  14. straitlaced exaggeratedly proper
  15. sunray lamp a mercury-vapor lamp used in medical or cosmetic treatments
  16. street smart having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment
  17. stridulate make a shrill creaking noise by rubbing together special bodily structures
  18. stratagem an elaborate or deceitful scheme to deceive or evade
  19. street cleaner a worker employed to clean streets
  20. streetcar a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity

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