1. strange particle an elementary particle with non-zero strangeness
  2. beta particle a high-speed electron or positron emitted in the decay of a radioactive isotope
  3. dispersed particles (of colloids) a substance in the colloidal state
  4. psi particle a neutral meson with a large mass
  5. toilet articles artifacts used in making your toilet
  6. heavy particle any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions; a hadron with a baryon number of +1
  7. spectacles eyeglasses
  8. feature article a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine
  9. articulate express or state clearly
  10. Citrus reticulata shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed; native to southeastern Asia
  11. subatomic particle a body having finite mass and internal structure but negligible dimensions
  12. alpha particle a positively charged particle that is the nucleus of the helium atom; emitted from natural or radioactive isotopes
  13. order Urticales an order of dicotyledonous plants including Moraceae and Urticaceae and Ulmaceae
  14. strawberry daiquiri daiquiri with crushed strawberries
  15. quasiparticle a quantum of energy (in a crystal lattice or other system) that has position and momentum and can in some respects be regarded as a particle
  16. Celastric articulatus ornamental Asiatic vine with showy orange-yellow fruit with a scarlet aril; naturalized in North America
  17. strangles an acute bacterial disease of horses characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes
  18. strapless having no straps
  19. order Parietales a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae
  20. J particle a neutral meson with a large mass