1. stock option the right to buy or sell a stock at a specified price within a stated period
  2. inception an event that is a beginning
  3. description the act of depicting something
  4. syncopation a musical rhythm accenting a normally weak beat
  5. stockpiling accumulating and storing a reserve supply
  6. perception the process of becoming aware through the senses
  7. stockholdings a specific number of stocks or shares owned
  8. Stations (Roman Catholic Church) a devotion consisting of fourteen prayers said before a series of fourteen pictures or carvings representing successive incidents during Jesus' passage from Pilate's house to his crucifixion at Calvary
  9. stage business incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect
  10. redemption the act of purchasing back something previously sold
  11. stickup man an armed thief
  12. occupation the principal activity in one's life to earn money
  13. stockholding a specific number of stocks or shares owned
  14. seduction enticing someone astray from right behavior
  15. soft option an easier alternative
  16. retribution a justly deserved penalty
  17. deception a misleading falsehood
  18. ski conditions the amount and state of snow for skiing
  19. Stockton United States writer (1834-1902)
  20. stockpile something kept back or saved for future use