1. St. George's the capital and largest city of Grenada
  2. starches foodstuff rich in natural starch
  3. stick horse a child's plaything consisting on an imitation horse's head on one end of a stick
  4. stake race a horse race in which part of the prize is put up by the owners of the horses in the race
  5. Sticherus umbrella ferns; warm regions of Australia and New Zealand
  6. soda cracker unsweetened cracker leavened slightly with soda and cream of tartar
  7. stick lac lac in its natural state as scraped off twigs and dried
  8. staggers a disease of the central nervous system affecting especially horses and cattle; characterized by an unsteady swaying gait and frequent falling
  9. St. George Christian martyr
  10. stagecoach a large coach-and-four formerly used to carry passengers and mail on regular routes between towns
  11. stock ticker a character printer that automatically prints stock quotations on ticker tape
  12. stickiness the property of sticking to a surface
  13. stock raiser farmer who breed or raises livestock
  14. stock-taker an employee whose job is to take inventory
  15. Solidago rugosa eastern North American herb whose yellow flowers are (or were) used in dyeing
  16. stockroom storeroom for storing goods and supplies used in a business
  17. sticker an adhesive label
  18. stocktaker an employee whose job is to take inventory
  19. Pseudacris chorus frogs
  20. stick together be loyal to one another, especially in times of trouble