1. stew meat tough meat that needs stewing to be edible
  2. sweetmeat a sweetened delicacy (as a preserve or pastry)
  3. steam-heat heat by means of steam
  4. steam heat a heating system in which steam is generated in boilers and piped to radiators
  5. stemmed having the stem removed
  6. steamed cooked in steam
  7. stomate a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass
  8. steamboat a boat propelled by a steam engine
  9. stalemate a situation in which no progress can be made
  10. esteemed having an illustrious reputation; respected
  11. steam bath a room that can be filled with steam in which people bathe
  12. red meat meat that is dark in color before cooking
  13. steamer a cooking utensil that can be used to cook food by steaming it
  14. stigmata marks resembling the wounds on the crucified body of Christ
  15. stewed cooked in hot water
  16. stephead a headline with the top line flush left and succeeding lines indented to the right
  17. stemmer a worker who strips the stems from moistened tobacco leaves and binds the leaves together into books
  18. steward someone who manages property or affairs for someone else
  19. Stewart United States film actor who portrayed incorruptible but modest heros (1908-1997)
  20. side of meat a lengthwise dressed half of an animal's carcass used for food