1. stay in place be stationary
  2. stainable capable of being stained
  3. stainability (cytology) the capacity of cells or cell parts to stain specifically with certain dyes
  4. eating place a building where people go to eat
  5. nesting place a place suitable for nesting
  6. Lateran Palace a palace that served as the residence of the popes until the 14th century
  7. solace comfort offered to one who is disappointed or miserable
  8. Vatican Palace the residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican City
  9. meeting place a public facility to meet for open discussion
  10. take place come to pass
  11. hiding place a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)
  12. watering place a health resort near a spring or at the seaside
  13. commonplace completely ordinary and unremarkable
  14. in place in the original or natural place or site
  15. anyplace at or in or to any place
  16. stone bass brown fish of the Atlantic and Mediterranean found around rocks and shipwrecks
  17. tin plate a thin sheet of metal coated with tin to prevent rusting
  18. sustainable capable of being prolonged
  19. sustainability the capacity of being prolonged
  20. Sydney Pollack United States filmmaker (born in 1934)