1. stay fresh fail to spoil or rot
  2. Steve Reich United States composer (born in 1936)
  3. starfish echinoderms characterized by five arms extending from a central disk
  4. starch a complex carbohydrate in seeds, fruits, and pith of plants
  5. stay over stay overnight
  6. staffer an employee who is a member of a staff of workers
  7. stretch extend one's limbs or muscles, or the entire body
  8. Otto Frisch British physicist (born in Austria) who with Lise Meitner recognized that Otto Hahn had produced a new kind of nuclear reaction which they named nuclear fission; Frisch described the explosive potential of a chain nuclear reaction (1904-1979)
  9. stress special emphasis attached to something
  10. silverish of lustrous grey
  11. set free grant freedom to
  12. starchy consisting of or containing starch
  13. stature the height of a standing person
  14. set forth leave
  15. South Africa a republic at the southernmost part of Africa
  16. afresh again but in a new or different way
  17. set phrase an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up
  18. silver ash any of various timber trees of the genus Flindersia
  19. stretchy capable of being easily stretched and resuming former size or shape
  20. seed fern an extinct seed-producing fernlike plant of the order Cycadofilicales (or group Pteridospermae)