1. starvation a state of extreme hunger
  2. starvation acidosis acidosis in which the acidity results from lack of food which leads to fat catabolism which in turn releases acidic ketone bodies
  3. saturation point (chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor
  4. storefront the front side of a store facing the street
  5. striation a groove or ridge
  6. strophanthin a bitter and very toxic glycoside derived from plants of the genus Strophanthus; in moderate doses it is a cardiac stimulant but in larger doses it is a powerful poison; used in Africa as an arrow poison
  7. observation dome lookout consisting of a dome-shaped observatory
  8. deviationist an ideological defector from the party line
  9. saturation the process of totally infusing something with a substance
  10. starveling someone who is starving (or being starved)
  11. observation tower a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings
  12. Salvation Army a charitable and religious organization to evangelize and to care for the poor and homeless
  13. Persian deity a deity worshiped by the ancient Persians
  14. station agent the person in charge of a railway station
  15. start out take the first step or steps in carrying out an action
  16. putrefacient causing or promoting bacterial putrefaction
  17. strophanthus any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Strophanthus having whorled leaves and showy flowers of various colors in dense and corymbose clusters; some have poisonous seeds
  18. starving suffering from lack of food
  19. Setaria viridis European foxtail naturalized in North America
  20. observation post an elevated post affording a wide view

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