1. toilet paper a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets
  2. staple fiber a natural fiber that can be twisted to form yarn
  3. staple fibre a natural fiber that can be twisted to form yarn
  4. stepladder a folding portable ladder hinged at the top
  5. double dipper someone who draws two incomes from the government
  6. slip of paper a small sheet of paper
  7. step ladder a folding portable ladder hinged at the top
  8. typing paper writing paper suitable for use in a typewriter
  9. sandpaper stiff paper coated with powdered emery or sand
  10. stabilizer bar a rigid metal bar between the front suspensions and between the rear suspensions of cars and trucks; serves to stabilize the chassis
  11. laid paper writing paper having a watermark of fine lines running across the grain
  12. stuffed peppers parboiled green peppers stuffed usually with rice and meat and baked briefly
  13. pied piper a leader who entices people to follow
  14. Pied Piper the title character in a German folk tale and in a poem by Robert Browning
  15. steeplechaser a horse trained to run in steeplechases
  16. seeded player one of the outstanding players in a tournament
  17. stable factor a coagulation factor formed in the kidney under the influence of vitamin K
  18. school paper a newspaper written and published by students in a school
  19. bond paper a superior quality of strong durable white writing paper
  20. sandpiper any of numerous usually small wading birds having a slender bill and piping call; closely related to the plovers