1. spike moss any of numerous fern allies of the genus Selaginella
  2. spikemoss any of numerous fern allies of the genus Selaginella
  3. spike mike a contact microphone for listening through walls
  4. spermous consisting of or resembling spermatozoa
  5. rock spikemoss tufted spikemoss forming loose spreading mats
  6. speechless temporarily incapable of speaking
  7. apogamous of or relating to the development of an embryo in the absence of fertilization
  8. speakeasy (during prohibition) an illegal barroom
  9. speckless completely neat and clean
  10. Spanish moss dense festoons of greenish-grey hairlike flexuous strands anchored to tree trunks and branches by sparse wiry roots; southeastern United States and West Indies to South America
  11. bigamous of illegal marriage to a second person while legally married to a first
  12. bog moss any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat
  13. spyglass a small refracting telescope
  14. subgross too small to be visible to the naked eye
  15. meadow spikemoss spikemoss forming dense mats; eastern North America
  16. scale moss moss-like liverwort with tiny scalelike leaves
  17. spike rush a sedge of the genus Eleocharis
  18. spike oil pale yellow essential oil obtained from spike lavender used in scenting soaps and cosmetics
  19. spike out bring forth a spike or spikes
  20. spineless lacking willpower or courage

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