1. spendable (used of funds) remaining after taxes
  2. spontaneous said or done without having been planned in advance
  3. depend upon be contingent on
  4. pond pine large three-needled pine of sandy swamps of southeastern United States; needles longer than those of the northern pitch pine
  5. spontaneity the quality of coming from feelings without constraint
  6. sphenoid bone butterfly-shaped bone at the base of the skull
  7. spine-tipped of a plant tipped with a spine
  8. spindleberry any shrubby trees or woody vines of the genus Euonymus having showy usually reddish berries
  9. pinto bean mottled or spotted bean of southwestern United States
  10. splint bone a rudimentary metacarpal or metatarsal bone on either side of the cannon bone in the leg of a horse or related animal
  11. standpoint a mental position from which things are viewed
  12. dependable consistent in performance or behavior
  13. spending the act of spending or disbursing money
  14. spending money cash for day-to-day spending on incidental expenses
  15. spindle horn cow-like creature with the glossy coat of a horse and the agility of a goat and the long horns of an antelope; characterized as a cow that lives the life of a goat
  16. spender someone who spends money to purchase goods or services
  17. spend-all someone who spends money prodigally
  18. pancytopenia an abnormal deficiency in all blood cells
  19. expendable suitable to be used up
  20. despondent without or almost without hope