1. space travel a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere
  2. space heater heater consisting of a self-contained unit to warm a room
  3. spacecraft a craft capable of traveling in outer space
  4. spice tree Pacific coast tree having aromatic foliage and small umbellate flowers followed by olivelike fruit; yields a hard tough wood
  5. sub-interval an interval that is included in another interval
  6. topsy-turvily in disorderly haste
  7. space writer a writer paid by the area of the copy
  8. water travel travel by water
  9. rupestral composed of or inscribed on rock
  10. substrate the substance that is acted upon by an enzyme or ferment
  11. space probe a rocket-propelled guided missile that can escape the earth's atmosphere; makes observations of the solar system that cannot be made by terrestrial observation
  12. soup-strainer slang for a mustache
  13. air travel travel via aircraft
  14. space-time the four-dimensional coordinate system (3 dimensions of space and 1 of time) in which physical events are located
  15. spiderflower any of various often strong-smelling plants of the genus Cleome having showy spider-shaped flowers
  16. sea trifoly a small fleshy herb common along North American seashores and in brackish marshes having pink or white flowers
  17. substratum any stratum or layer lying underneath another
  18. space rocket a rocket powerful enough to travel into outer space
  19. business traveler a traveler whose expenses are paid by the business he works for
  20. Space Needle a tower 605 feet tall in Seattle; a tourist attraction

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