1. space lattice a 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal
  2. specialize become more focused on an area of activity or field of study
  3. specialise devote oneself to a special area of work
  4. obsolete no longer in use
  5. spacewards towards outer space
  6. specialist an expert devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
  7. specialty an asset of special worth or utility
  8. specialized developed or designed for a particular activity or function
  9. speciality a distinguishing trait
  10. specialised developed or designed for a special activity or function
  11. specialistic of or related to or characteristic of specialists
  12. space-time the four-dimensional coordinate system (3 dimensions of space and 1 of time) in which physical events are located
  13. spasmolytic a drug used to relieve or prevent spasms
  14. sphacelate undergo necrosis
  15. space shuttle a reusable spacecraft with wings for a controlled descent through the Earth's atmosphere
  16. Spice Islands a group of island in eastern Indonesia between Celebes and New Guinea; settled by the Portuguese but taken by the Dutch who made them the center for a spice monopoly, at which time they were known as Spice Islands
  17. space medicine the branch of medicine concerned with the effects of space flight on human beings
  18. solstice when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator
  19. specialness the quality of being particular and pertaining to a specific case or instance
  20. space station a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research