1. space age the age beginning with the first space travel
  2. sapsago a hard green Swiss cheese made with skim-milk curd and flavored with clover
  3. spacewalk move in space outside a space craft
  4. sabotage a deliberate act of destruction or disruption
  5. space walk any kind of physical activity outside a spacecraft by one of the crew
  6. spice cake cake flavored with spices
  7. Spassky Russian chess master who moved to Paris
  8. spacing the time between occurrences of a repeating event
  9. passage the act of moving from one state or place to the next
  10. space the unlimited expanse in which everything is located
  11. special adapted to or reserved for a particular purpose
  12. sausage highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
  13. spacial pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space
  14. seepage the process of seeping
  15. spillage the amount that has spilled
  16. spoilage the act of spoiling something by causing damage to it
  17. specious plausible but false
  18. speciate evolve so as to lead to a new species or develop in a way most suited to the environment
  19. specific stated explicitly or in detail
  20. spice rack a rack for displaying containers filled with spices