1. speculatively with speculation; in a speculative manner
  2. space travel a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere
  3. superlatively to a superlative degree
  4. space laboratory a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research
  5. lucrative producing a sizeable profit
  6. selectively by selection; in a selective manner
  7. secretively in a secretive manner; with a preference for secrecy
  8. imperative requiring attention or action
  9. subjectively in a subjective way
  10. postoperatively after the operation
  11. special relativity a physical theory of relativity based on the assumption that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant and the assumption that the laws of physics are invariant in all inertial systems
  12. sportively in a merry sportive manner
  13. spacecraft a craft capable of traveling in outer space
  14. obstructively in an obstructive manner
  15. pejoratively in a pejorative manner
  16. special court-martial a court-martial to try soldiers for offenses less serious that than those committed in action; consists of at least three officers
  17. pejorative expressing disapproval
  18. seductively in a tempting seductive manner
  19. predicatively occurring within the predicate phrase
  20. figuratively in a non-literal sense

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