1. sounding lead a metal bob at the end of a sounding line
  2. sounding line (nautical) plumb line for determining depth
  3. sounding board a person whose reactions to something serve as an indication of its acceptability
  4. untangled not tangled
  5. entangled twisted together in a tangled mass
  6. disentangled straightened out
  7. sounding appearing to be as specified
  8. unmingled not mixed with extraneous elements
  9. sounding rocket a research rocket used to obtain information about the atmosphere at various altitudes
  10. resoundingly in a resounding manner
  11. round angle an angle of 360 degrees
  12. landing field a place where planes take off and land
  13. spending cut the act of reducing spending
  14. stone-cold completely cold
  15. ascending node the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going north
  16. sound effect an effect that imitates a sound called for in the script of a play
  17. Saint Nicholas a bishop in Asia Minor who is associated with Santa Claus
  18. leading lady actress who plays the leading female role
  19. uninucleate having one nucleus
  20. tauntingly in a playfully teasing manner