1. smoking compartment a passenger car for passengers who wish to smoke
  2. dining compartment a passenger car where food is served in transit
  3. glove compartment compartment on the dashboard of a car
  4. comportment manner of behaving or conducting oneself; bearing
  5. studio apartment an apartment with a living space and a bathroom and a small kitchen
  6. compartment a partitioned section within a larger enclosed area
  7. complement something added to embellish or make perfect
  8. compliment a remark expressing praise and admiration
  9. counterbombardment bombardment intended to destroy or neutralize enemy weapons
  10. uncompartmented not compartmented
  11. luggage compartment compartment in an automobile that carries luggage or shopping or tools
  12. State Department the federal department in the United States that sets and maintains foreign policies
  13. closure by compartment closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill
  14. indictment an accusation of wrongdoing
  15. commitment the act of binding yourself to a course of action
  16. deportment the way a person behaves toward other people
  17. sociology department the academic department responsible for teaching and research in sociology
  18. sanitation department the department of local government responsible for collecting and disposing of garbage
  19. unimportant not important
  20. sales department the division of a business that is responsible for selling products or services