1. slow down lose velocity; move more slowly
  2. slowdown the act of slowing down or falling behind
  3. swill down drink large quantities of
  4. showdown a hostile disagreement face-to-face
  5. low-down of the most contemptible kind
  6. soliton (physics) a quantum of energy or quasiparticle that can be propagated as a traveling wave in nonlinear systems and is neither preceded nor followed by another such disturbance; does not obey the superposition principle and does not dissipate
  7. slim down take off weight
  8. slide down fall or sink heavily
  9. sleek down give a smooth and glossy appearance
  10. slick down give a smooth and glossy appearance
  11. Saladin sultan of Syria and Egypt
  12. spelldown a contest in which you are eliminated if you fail to spell a word correctly
  13. shower down rain abundantly
  14. shoot down shoot at and force to come down
  15. shakedown extortion of money (as by blackmail)
  16. shout down silence or overwhelm by shouting
  17. sluice down pour as if from a sluice
  18. shut down cease to operate or cause to cease operating
  19. shoot-down murder by shooting someone down in cold blood
  20. cool down make cool or cooler