1. slovenly person a coarse obnoxious person
  2. scholarly person a learned person
  3. juvenile person a young person, not fully developed
  4. silent person a person who does not talk
  5. selfish person a person who is unusually selfish
  6. slovenliness habitual uncleanliness
  7. self-employed person a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them
  8. second person pronouns and verbs that refer to the person being addressed
  9. sleepless person someone who cannot sleep
  10. polyvinyl resin a thermoplastic derived by polymerization from compounds containing the vinyl group
  11. salesperson a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited)
  12. learned person someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field
  13. small person a person of below average size
  14. blind person a person with a severe visual impairment
  15. self-expression the expression of one's individuality
  16. professional person a person engaged in one of the learned professions
  17. emotional person a person subject to strong states of emotion
  18. spokesperson an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose
  19. sea-level pressure the atmospheric pressure reduced by a formula to the pressure at sea level
  20. slovenly negligent of neatness especially in dress and person