1. sleeping beauty a person who is sleeping soundly
  2. Sleeping Beauty fairy story: princess under an evil spell who could be awakened only by a prince's kiss
  3. sleeping bag large padded bag designed to be slept in outdoors
  4. sleeping pill a soporific drug in the form of a pill
  5. spring beauty small slender plant having one pair of succulent leaves at the middle of the stem and a loose raceme of white or pink or rose bowl-shaped flowers and an edible corm
  6. sailing boat a small sailing vessel; usually with a single mast
  7. sleeping tablet a soporific drug in the form of a pill
  8. sleeping car a passenger car that has berths for sleeping
  9. sponge bath you wash your body with a sponge or washcloth instead of in a bathtub
  10. sleeping draught a soporific drug in the form of a pill
  11. sleeping partner a partner (who usually provides capital) whose association with the enterprise is not public knowledge
  12. sleeping room a room used primarily for sleeping
  13. snapping beetle able to right itself when on its back by flipping into the air with a clicking sound
  14. sleeping the state of being asleep
  15. spinach beet beet lacking swollen root
  16. sleeping capsule a soporific drug in the form of a pill
  17. creeping bent common pasture or lawn grass spread by long runners
  18. salpingectomy surgical removal of one or both Fallopian tubes
  19. swimming bath pool that provides a facility for swimming
  20. sleeping hibiscus any of various plants of the genus Malvaviscus having brilliant bell-shaped drooping flowers like incompletely opened hibiscus flowers