1. sky glow illumination of the night sky in urban areas
  2. scraggly lacking neatness or order
  3. squiggle a short twisting line
  4. squiggly wavy and twisting
  5. screech owl any owl that has a screeching cry
  6. sick call the daily military formation at which individuals report to the medical officer as sick
  7. silky willow small shrubby tree of western North America
  8. psychically from a psychic point of view
  9. sky-blue a light shade of blue
  10. skywalk an elevated walkway between buildings (usually enclosed)
  11. psychical affecting or influenced by the human mind
  12. goggle look with amazement
  13. skill an ability that has been acquired by training
  14. screakily in a creaky manner
  15. Sitka willow small shrubby tree of western North America
  16. sackcloth a coarse cloth resembling sacking
  17. skulk lie in wait or behave in a sneaky and secretive manner
  18. sage willow North American shrub with whitish canescent leaves
  19. suede glove a glove made of fine soft leather (as kidskin)
  20. skiagraph a photographic image produced on a radiosensitive surface by radiation other than visible light (especially by X-rays or gamma rays)