1. syntax the study of the rules for forming admissible sentences
  2. sanitise make sanitary by cleaning or sterilizing
  3. centas 100 centas equal 1 litas in Lithuania
  4. Santos a port city in southwestern Brazil on an offshore island near Sao Paulo
  5. sentence a string of words satisfying grammatical rules of a language
  6. synthesis the combination of ideas into a complex whole
  7. synthesize combine and form a complex whole
  8. Sinhalese a native or inhabitant of Sri Lanka
  9. fantasy imagination unrestricted by reality
  10. sinuate curved or curving in and out
  11. Santa Fe capital of the state of New Mexico
  12. sinuous curved or curving in and out
  13. intense possessing a distinctive feature to a heightened degree
  14. synthesise combine so as to form a more complex, product
  15. scientist a person with advanced knowledge of empirical fields
  16. sentience a state of consciousness or awareness
  17. cinematise make a film of or adopt so as to make into a film
  18. sine die without a date fixed (as of an adjournment)
  19. sensitise cause to sense; make sensitive
  20. licentious lacking moral discipline