1. sovereign a nation's ruler usually by hereditary right
  2. scale fern small European fern with chaffy leathery fronds
  3. single cream cream that has at least 18% butterfat
  4. single file a line of persons or things ranged one behind the other
  5. single crochet a crochet stitch
  6. scaly fern small European fern with chaffy leathery fronds
  7. singleton the playing card that is the only card in a suit held in a bridge hand as initially dealt
  8. singular form the form of a word that is used to denote a singleton
  9. single-foot a rapid gait of a horse in which each foot strikes the ground separately
  10. single prop a propeller plane with a single propeller
  11. angle iron an L-shaped metal bracket
  12. swingletree a crossbar that is attached to the traces of a draft horse and to the vehicle or implement that the horse is pulling
  13. single dwelling a house that stands alone
  14. single-lane having a single lane for traffic in both directions
  15. single-leaf pine pinon of southwestern United States having solitary needles and often many stems; important as a nut pine
  16. simple fraction the quotient of two integers
  17. Anglo-French the French (Norman) language used in medieval England
  18. singularity the quality of being one of a kind
  19. single quote a single quotation mark
  20. Senegalese franc the basic unit of money in Senegal