1. side order a dish that is served with, but is subordinate to, a main course
  2. sidewards toward one side
  3. stertorous of breathing having a heavy snoring sound
  4. Sideritis genus of woolly aromatic herbs or subshrubs or shrubs of Mediterranean region
  5. take orders receive and be expected to follow directions or commands
  6. disorder a condition in which things are not in their expected places
  7. street address the address where a person or organization can be found
  8. strider a person who walks rapidly with long steps
  9. stop order an order to a broker to sell (buy) when the price of a security falls (rises) to a designated level
  10. siderosis fibrosis of the lung caused by iron dust
  11. suborder (biology) taxonomic group that is a subdivision of an order
  12. underdress dress without sufficient warmth
  13. stertorously in a noisy and stertorous manner
  14. disorderly lacking any regular or logical organization
  15. Mother Theresa Indian nun and missionary in the Roman Catholic Church
  16. disordered not arranged in order
  17. side street a street intersecting a main street and terminating there
  18. straight razor a razor with a straight cutting edge enclosed in a case that forms a handle when the razor is opened for use
  19. Mother Teresa Indian nun and missionary in the Roman Catholic Church
  20. underdrawers underpants worn by men