1. sales promotion promotion that supplements or coordinates advertising
  2. supporting the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening
  3. sprouting the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow
  4. prominent conspicuous in position or importance
  5. Hypsiprymnodon musk kangaroos
  6. sporting relating to or used in sports
  7. unsporting violating accepted standards or rules
  8. spurting propelled violently in a usually narrow stream
  9. spot promote promote on the spot
  10. compromising making or willing to make concessions
  11. process printing a method of printing colored reproductions from halftone plates
  12. permeating spreading or spread throughout
  13. dispiriting destructive of morale and self-reliance
  14. inspiriting cheerfully encouraging
  15. shoplifting the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store
  16. exporting the commercial activity of selling and shipping goods to a foreign country
  17. prompting a cue given to a performer
  18. spermatic consisting of or resembling spermatozoa
  19. pyramiding a fraudulent business practice involving some form of pyramid scheme e.g., the chain of distribution is artificially expanded by an excessive number of distributors selling to other distributors at progressively higher wholesale prices until retail prices are unnecessarily inflated
  20. nonreciprocating not moving alternately forward and backward