1. chaperon one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people
  2. chaperone one who accompanies and supervises young people
  3. shopworn worn or faded from being on display in a store
  4. sheeprun farm devoted to raising sheep
  5. rope yarn the strands out of which ropes are made
  6. shipyard a workplace where ships are built or repaired
  7. Cape Horn a rocky headland belonging to Chile at the southernmost tip of South America (south of Tierra del Fuego)
  8. Chipewyan a member of the Athapaskan people living in western Canada between Great Slave Lake and Hudson Bay
  9. shaper a person who makes things
  10. chaplain a member of the clergy ministering to some institution
  11. shipboard casual or ephemeral as if taking place on board a ship
  12. sharpen make sharp or sharper
  13. Chippewyan the language spoken by the Chipewyan
  14. chapman archaic term for an itinerant peddler
  15. Shepard astronaut who made the first United States' suborbital rocket-powered flight in 1961 (1923-1998)
  16. shy person someone who shrinks from familiarity with others
  17. Chapman United States pioneer who planted apple trees as he traveled
  18. Sha'ban the eighth month of the Islamic calendar
  19. Shaaban the eighth month of the Islamic calendar
  20. chaparral dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes