1. sex offender someone who has been convicted of a sex crime
  2. saxophone a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore
  3. saxophonist a musician who plays the saxophone
  4. sixth sense grasping the inner nature of things intuitively
  5. suspense an uncertain cognitive state
  6. expense a financial burden; money that must be paid out
  7. successiveness a following of one thing after another in time
  8. ex officio by virtue of an office or position
  9. Steffens United States journalist whose exposes in 1906 started an era of muckraking journalism (1866-1936)
  10. self-defense the act of defending yourself
  11. offense a failure to show regard for others
  12. box office the office where tickets of admission are sold
  13. recompense make payment to
  14. sexton an officer of the church who is in charge of sacred objects
  15. snake fence rail fence consisting of a zigzag of interlocking rails
  16. sunk fence a ditch with one side being a retaining wall
  17. sex change a change in a person's physical sexual characteristics
  18. sexless having no or imperfectly developed or nonfunctional sex organs
  19. Sexton United States poet (1928-1974)
  20. genus-Fenusa birch leaf miner