1. sex one of two categories into which most organisms are divided
  2. exact marked by strict and complete accordance with fact
  3. obsequious attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
  4. exacta a bet that you can pick the first and second finishers in the right order
  5. sixties the time of life between 60 and 70
  6. Zygocactus small genus of Brazilian cacti having flat fleshy usually branched joints and showy red or pink flowers followed by red fleshy fruits
  7. exactly indicating preciseness
  8. sexist discriminatory on the basis of gender roles
  9. saxicolous growing on or living among rocks
  10. exactness the quality of being exact
  11. sextet six performers or singers who perform together
  12. sextette six performers or singers who perform together
  13. sexless having no or imperfectly developed or nonfunctional sex organs
  14. Cascades a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California; a part of the Coast Range
  15. execute put in effect
  16. Saxegothea one species: Prince Albert's yew
  17. sext the fourth of the seven canonical hours; about noon
  18. sextant an instrument for measuring angular distance
  19. sexcapade a sexual escapade; an illicit affair
  20. Dixiecrats a former political party in the United States