1. setting hen a domestic hen ready to brood
  2. setting the physical position of something
  3. sitting room a room in a private house or establishment where people can sit and talk and relax
  4. seating room an area that includes places where several people can sit
  5. stewing pan a saucepan used for stewing
  6. sweating sickness epidemic in the 15th and 16th centuries and characterized by profuse sweating and high mortality
  7. tungsten a heavy grey-white metallic element
  8. savings bond non-negotiable government bond
  9. soothing syrup medicine in the form of a syrup that has a calming effect
  10. savings bank a thrift institution in the northeastern United States
  11. getting even a reciprocal group action
  12. wedding ceremony the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed
  13. pudding stone a composite rock made up of particles of varying size
  14. loading zone a stop where carriers can be loaded and unloaded
  15. spitting snake highly venomous snake of southern Africa able to spit venom up to seven feet
  16. sphinx moth any of various moths with long narrow forewings capable of powerful flight and hovering over flowers to feed
  17. sitting duck a defenseless victim
  18. standing stone a tall upright megalith
  19. Sitting Bull a chief of the Sioux
  20. stinkhorn any of various ill-smelling brown-capped fungi of the order Phallales