1. serving cart a handcart for serving food
  2. serving girl a girl who is a servant
  3. greeting card a card sent to express personal greetings
  4. boarding card a pass that allows you to board a ship or plane
  5. drawing card an entertainer who attracts large audiences
  6. trading card a card with a picture on it
  7. servant girl a girl who is a servant
  8. shopping cart a handcart that holds groceries or other goods while shopping
  9. saving grace a redeeming quality or characteristic
  10. watering cart water cart with a tank and sprinkler for sprinkling roads
  11. nursing care care by a skilled nurse
  12. sleeping car a passenger car that has berths for sleeping
  13. serving dish a dish used for serving food
  14. perfunctory hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough
  15. service charge a percentage of a bill added in payment for service
  16. serving the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone
  17. smoking car a passenger car for passengers who wish to smoke
  18. string quartet an instrumental quartet with 2 violins and a viola and a cello
  19. servant a person working in the service of another
  20. calling card a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited