1. scented filled or impregnated with perfume
  2. syntax the study of the rules for forming admissible sentences
  3. sanitate provide with sanitary facilities or appliances
  4. scent out recognize or detect by or as if by smelling
  5. tentative hesitant or lacking confidence; unsettled in mind or opinion
  6. centavo a fractional monetary unit of several countries: El Salvador and Sao Tome and Principe and Brazil and Argentina and Bolivia and Colombia and Cuba and the Dominican Republic and Ecuador and El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras and Mexico and Nicaragua and Peru and the Philippines and Portugal
  7. pentad the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
  8. pintado large edible mackerel of temperate United States coastal Atlantic waters
  9. sentient endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness
  10. send out to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place
  11. senate assembly possessing high legislative powers
  12. entity that which is perceived to have its own distinct existence
  13. senator a member of a legislative assembly
  14. sentry a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
  15. centaur a mythical being that is half man and half horse
  16. sensate having physical sensation
  17. dentate having toothlike projections in the margin
  18. send down suspend temporarily from college or university, in England
  19. sent caused or enabled to go or be conveyed or transmitted
  20. Centaur a conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere near the Southern Cross