1. sense organ an organ having nerve endings that respond to stimulation
  2. genus Argynnis fritillaries
  3. insurgency an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a government
  4. insurgence an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict
  5. censorious harshly critical or expressing censure
  6. censoring deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances
  7. insurgent in opposition to a civil authority or government
  8. genus Origanum a genus of aromatic mints of the family Labiatae
  9. senselessness total lack of meaning or ideas
  10. genus Argusianus argus pheasants
  11. sinus rectus an unpaired sinus of the dura mater
  12. sensuousness a sensuous feeling
  13. sensualness desire for sensual pleasures
  14. disorganise remove the organization from
  15. genus Orchis type genus of the orchid family
  16. genus Euarctos American black bears
  17. resurgence bringing again into activity and prominence
  18. sensorial involving or derived from the senses
  19. house organ a periodical published by a business firm for its employees and customers
  20. genus Erignathus bearded seals