1. radio signal a radio wave used to transmit and receive messages
  2. cityscape painting depicting a city or urban area
  3. split second a very short time
  4. genus Genipa tropical American evergreen trees or shrubs bearing yellow flowers and succulent edible fruit with a thick rind
  5. Sida spinosa tropical American weed having pale yellow or orange flowers naturalized in southern United States
  6. Citizen Genet French diplomat who in 1793 tried to draw the United States into the war between France and England (1763-1834)
  7. south-seeking pole the pole of a magnet that points toward the south when the magnet is suspended freely
  8. dysgenic pertaining to or causing degeneration in the offspring produced
  9. sight setting the adjustment of a gunsight for elevation and windage on a particular range under favorable light conditions
  10. light second the distance light travels in a vacuum in one second
  11. service agency a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee; achieves economy of scale
  12. watt second a unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second
  13. States General assembly of the estates of an entire country especially the sovereign body of the Dutch republic from 16th to 18th centuries
  14. PET scanner a tomograph that produces cross-sectional X-rays of metabolic processes in the body
  15. set square a try square with an adjustable sliding head
  16. first sergeant a sergeant in the Army above the rank of staff sergeant and below master sergeant
  17. SWAT squad a squad of policemen who have been trained to deal with violent and dangerous situations
  18. Lespedeza cuneata perennial widely planted as for forage and as hay crop especially on poor land
  19. genus Steganopus a genus of Phalaropidae
  20. setscrew a screw (often without a head) that fits into the boss or hub of a wheel or cam etc. and prevents motion of the part relative to the shaft on which it is mounted

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