1. scrub up wash thoroughly
  2. scrape up gather (money or other resources) together over time
  3. scoop up take out or up with or as if with a scoop
  4. scrabble grope, scratch, or feel searchingly
  5. screw up make a mess of, destroy or ruin
  6. scrape by manage one's existence barely
  7. scrubbed made clean by scrubbing
  8. scrub wash thoroughly
  9. scrubber a worker who uses a scrub brush to clean a surface
  10. scrubby sparsely covered with stunted trees or vegetation and underbrush
  11. scrubs protective garment worn by surgeons during operations
  12. screwup the complete mismanagement or mishandling of a situation
  13. succubus female demon believed to have intercourse with sleeping men
  14. scruple an ethical or moral principle that inhibits action
  15. scribe someone employed to make written copies of documents
  16. scribble write down quickly without much attention to detail
  17. skibob a vehicle resembling a bicycle but having skis instead of wheels; the rider wears short skis for balancing
  18. scrub oak any of various chiefly American small shrubby oaks often a dominant form on thin dry soils sometimes forming dense thickets
  19. scrub pine common small shrubby pine of the eastern United States having straggling often twisted or branches and short needles in bunches of 2
  20. scrap a small fragment of something broken off from the whole